We invite everyone in the village to contribute to the creation of a permanent piece of art that reflects your images/reflections/feelings/experiences of 2020. It will be displayed in Catcott Church on 1 st January 2021 for all to view and could be featured at other Catcott venues.

What is it? The piece of art will be a patchwork of fabric  based squares i.e. a tapestry united by the theme of rainbow colours. How can you get involved? Volunteers would be given a square of cotton fabric, from the colours above,  to decorate in whatever way and with whatever image they choose.  Size to be confirmed,  but probably 6- 8 inch square. For example – but there are no limits: An embroidered image of hand clapping  /bell ringing/NHS. A collage of natural objects  ( sheep wool, feathers) to illustrate countryside walks. An image reflecting hope cut out of felt  and glued on the fabric square. A cross stitch of a single word e.g. DISTANCE Knitting Fabric painting Iron on transfer

What is the timeline? 1. If you would like to be involved please tell us by Sunday 18 th October. 2. We will give you the fabric by the end of October along with names and telephone numbers of villagers who are happy to offer support, if needed. 3. You will complete and return your square by Tuesday 1 st December 4. 2020 A Stitch in Time tapestry will be on display in Catcott Church  (and possibly other public venues in Catcott)  for everyone to view.