Wildcat from 825 Naval Air Squadron over Glastonbury Courtesy MoD/Crown copyright

Helicopters often fly over Catcott. Most are from the Fleet Air Arm base at Yeovilton. Generally they fly between three and six thousand feet but can be lower. From time to time fast jets and transport aeroplanes also fly low over the Levels.

Low flying sorties from Yeovilton are carried out by day and night. The operational training area extends to Wells in the north, Dorchester in the south and Taunton in the west.

For information about military low flying see https://www.gov.uk/low-flying-in-your-area/find-out-about-low-flying-in-your-area

RNAS Yeovilton is one of the Navy’s two principal air bases, and one of the busiest military airfields in the UK. It is home to more than 100 aircraft operated on both front-line squadrons and training units, including the Fleet Air Arm Wildcat Force and the Commando Helicopter Force, plus vintage aircraft of the RN Historic Flight.

The base is located near Yeovil in Somerset and covers around 1,400 acres with the main airfield in Yeovilton itself and the satellite at Ilton (Merryfield). Some 4,300 personnel, Service and civilian, including MOD employees and permanent contractors are employed on the site. The air station also hosts a large support staff from the Defence Equipment and Support organisation, and the world famous Fleet Air Arm Museum.


Yeovilton is 18 miles from Catcott (by road).


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