Your parish council

Catcott Parish Council meets monthly. The council is responsible for local issues in the village, assessing planning applications and working with other local authorities on getting roads and footpaths repaired and other issues. The council sets an annual precept which is paid as part of your council tax. For 2018/19 the precept in Catcott was  £8,500.

The five members of the parish council were elected unopposed in May 2019. They are:

Geoff Barnett (chairman)

Daniel Salter (vice chairman)

Lorna Pople

Brian Robins

Geoff Bell

Your local council

Catcott is within the Sedgemoor District Council area in the West Poldens ward. In the May 2019 election Conservative councillor Stuart Kingham was re-elected in a straight fight with Alison Borman of the Labour Party polling 458 votes to 227.

The council is controlled by the Conservatives who have 28 members. There are 11 Labour members, 7 Liberal Democrat members and 2 independent members. The district council is elected once every four years.

How to contact Sedgemoor District Council:

  • Out-of-hours emergencies: 0800 917 6520
  • Phone 0845 408 2540 or 01278 435435
  • Council tax enquiries: 0845 408 2541
  • Planning: 0845 408 2544
  • Environmental services: 0845 408 2546
  • Stray or lost dogs: 0845 917 6520

Your county council

Somerset is controlled by the Conservatives with 35 of the 55 seats. The Liberal democrats have 12 councillors, Labour have 3 and the Greens 2. There are 3 Independents. The council is elected once every four years. The last election was in May 2017. Catcott is within the King Alfred division and is represented by Conservative councillor David Huxtable.

How to contact Somerset County Council:

Your M.P.

Catcott is within the 500 square-mile Bridgwater and West Somerset constituency. Conservative Ian Liddell-Grainger was re-elected MP in the General Election in December 2019. He was first elected to parliament in 2001 when he succeeded former cabinet minister Tom now Lord King who had represented Bridgwater for 31 years.

How to contact Ian Liddell-Grainger MP:


  • Constituency office Phone: 01278 458383
  • House of Commons Phone: 020 7219 814
  • Email: