Curry – the word evokes happiness in so many people. The fragrances of garam masala, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, cardamom and, of course, chilli, instantly  come to mind. Throw in the prospect of peshwari naan bread, popadoms, mango chutney, lime pickle, onion bhaji – and things really get exciting!


These gifts, grounded in fresh herbs and exotic spices, elevate the taste buds to a heightened sense of pleasure. And that’s before we even add an ice cold beer to the mix!


By all accounts, in India they don’t really understand the word curry. According to celebrity chef Rick Stein, It’s a term derived from the imperial British Raj for an interpretation of the cuisine on the rather large Indian sub-continent. The closest interpretation simply means a ‘gravy’ made with a masala – a combination of ground spices and vegetables.


The British public truly loves an Indian. But most restaurants in the UK we might term ‘Indian’ are actually Bangladeshi!


What I think we can all agree on is that a good curry brings people together. It’s a true unifier – whether you like your food ferociously fiery or modestly mild. And across the Polden Hills, there’s no better forum for bringing the community together around a shared appreciation for a good curry and a great time than Catcott Curry Night.


This annual feast of curry joy returns to Edington Village Hall on 12th October with an array of dishes (inc. vegan and non-curry choices), all the sundries, fully stocked bar, top-notch band, funky disco and, most importantly of all, great company!


It’s going to be another fantastic evening. Tickets are now on sale at £14 each and includes all food, entertainment and a welcome shot! Contact Sandra (07946 415 740) or Janet (07814 252 978), or alternatively email


All funds raised from Catcott Village Association events support local good causes.

Catcott Curry Night tickets on sale now!

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