The results are in for Catcott Sunflower Competition 2021

The winner is Colin Prichard coming in with a whopping 416 cm (13ft 8in)


Colin Prichard and his very tall sunflower
Colin Prichard with his winning Sunflower

Second place went to Shirley and Derek Hooper at 340cm (11ft 3in)

The Hoopers second placed sunflower
Shirley and Derek’s Second Placed Sunflower

Third place went to Lottie and Ben Chad with a 316cm (10ft 6in) specimen


Lottie and Ben Chad and their 3rd Place Sunflower
Lottie and Ben Chad with their Sunflower

All three winners live along Manor Road which obviously has the perfect micro climate for tall sunflowers or could it be the magic green fingers of the competitors?

4th and 5th places go to the Wikins family on the Nidon with 308cm and Sheila Hamilton of Weares Lane with 305cm and only 3cm separating them. 

Our thanks go to all who entered. Can anyone do better next year?

Catcott Sunflower Competition Results 2021

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