Join us on the evening of Saturday the 9th of June for the annual Safari Supper.

It’s a moveable feast. It’s like a laid-back, non-competitive version of ‘Come Dine with Me.’ You provide one course of a meal in your home for up to 8 people and your neighbours provide the other two courses. The aim is to socialise with your neighbours in a relaxed environment. The event can only work if most (over 80% of) participants provide one course. Those who, for some reason, are unable to host a course are asked to donate £15 per person to a charity chosen by the CVA.

You will be given an itinerary at the start of the evening and move from house to house for each course, usually meeting a different group of villagers each time.

This is a fun evening and a good way to meet villagers who you might not otherwise get to know.

Fill in the form below for your party if you are interested and Martin will be in touch with the details.

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Safari Supper 2018

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