The measuring of the Sunflowers took place at the beginning of September.
The competition winner is Shirley and Derek Hooper of Manor Road with a whopping 371 Cms. ( 12 ft 2 in ) equaling a previous years record.
In second place is Lily Farmer with 295 Cms and third is Sheila Hamilton with 285 Cms

Runners up ( in no particular order ) are…

  • Roland and Bea Haynes,
  • Lorraine Williams,
  • Jean Marshall,
  • Jock Hepburn,
  • Jill Tompkins,
  • Janet Holden.

A few were withdrawn due to very strong winds in the previous weeks, flattening tall plants including Sunflowers and runner beans, and unusual growing conditions this year. Thank you to all who took part .

Sunflower Competition Results 2020

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