We are very conscious of the debt of thanks which we owe to the essential workers who have kept us safe and comfortable over the past year. This includes not only NHS staff but also local school workers and care home staff. We believe that many of you would like to join us in showing our gratitude in physical form by providing gifts to demonstrate our thanks. For this reason we would like to invite you to contribute towards one or both of the following schemes.

A ‘HUG IN A BAG’ for our Musgrove Hospital staff

Never has our NHS community been under so much pressure and that includes Musgrove Park Hospital. A member of Musgrove staff recently said:

It is a frightening time and colleagues are in a fragile state

Having spoken to a Musgrove representative the Catcott Village Association (CVA) would like to gift members of Musgrove Hospital staff a bag of treats as a token of our appreciation for their service to our community. The Musgrove Park representative said that this was the first time they had been approached to give staff a gift and she thought it would mean a lot to them.

Would you like to pay for a bag?

Typical contents would be

  • Chocolate/confectionery/preserve
  • Non alcoholic drink/hot chocolate/ tea

  • Biscuits
  • Hand cream/ essential oil/candle/facial treatment
  • PLUS a personal letter/ card of thanks/ piece of childrens art work that thanks the staff.

We estimate that each bag will cost £7 and where possible we will source products locally.

If you would like sponsor a bag please

Send an email  with your contact details to info@catcottvillage.co.uk and we will get back to you to arrange your contribution.

hug in a bag totaliser

A ‘HUG IN A HAMPER ’ for Edington Surgery, Catcott School and Wellfield House

These 3 local services have cared for our community throughout this pandemic and the CVA would like to provide them with a staff hamper to thank them for their care.

You can donate in 2 different ways, by either giving a donation to Catcott Village Association via a bank transfer to our account (please leave your name and contact number on the CVA answering service on Catcott 589307 and we will call you back with the account details) or by leaving one of the following items in the plastic box in Catcott Church Porch

  • Chocolates or sweets.
  • Wine, spirits, beers or ciders.
  • Selection boxes of biscuits.
  • New packaged candles or beauty products.

If you have a contact with a commercial company who could donate or offer at a discount these or additional items please email the details to info@catcottvillage.co.uk

Please note: items/cards that you leave in the church porch will be collected each day.

hug in a hamper totaliser
A Hug in a Bag for our Musgrove Hospital and 3 local services staff

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