Thank you so much for all those taking part in Catcott’s A Stitch in Time project and for your patience during its completion. We are delighted to announce that it is now ready to be viewed.

Rainbow Tapestry
Catcott A Stitch In Time

For the next few weeks it will be displayed on the altar of St Peter’s Church on Church Way. The church will be open from 10.a.m. until Dusk on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. It will also be open tomorrow (Friday 5th Feb during the same hours.) There are copies of the explanatory sheet on a table by the altar. Please take one away with you and consider whether you wish to alter your description.

During Lockdown you will appreciate that we are restricted as to making unnecessary journeys. The exceptions to this include daily exercise, which may take you to the church, and private prayer.

Whilst there may be a few more tweaks to the tapestry in the future, it looks fabulous as it is – a tribute to all of you who contributed.

Do please call in to look at the tapestry during your daily exercise or if looking for contemplation. Remember to follow the COVID guidelines that are displayed in the church, especially those relating to hand sanitising and distancing.

A Stitch in Time On Display

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