The weather smiled on Catcott as 26 of the village residents gathered at the village pound to collect their litter pickers, bags and clean-up routes


The village was scoured for all kinds of litter from paper and plastic scraps, like the ubiquitous Hoola Hoop packet, to empty bottles of beer and wine, empty beer and soft drink cans and plastic bottles and even a beer and a cider glass. There was even a report of a half full bottle of Vodka and a hairbrush! It is surprising what gets dropped on the wayside in our beautiful countryside.

On the bright side there appeared to be less litter than in previous years.


When all the routes had been scoured it was back to Court Farm for coffee and a yummy bacon butty.

Many thanks to all who turned up to help tidy our village, and special thanks to Phil and Maria for hosting the refreshments.

Catcott Cleanup 2022

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