Catcott Village Association held its first ever Jumble Trail on St George’s Day which fell on Saturday 23rd April this year.

Twenty six households signed up at £5 each to host a table at their home giving the village association some much needed funds. Most people were decluttering and recycling unwanted items which were too good to go to the recycling centre. Some were donating all their profits to good causes. Everyone was enjoying the buzz as visitors from far and wide strolled round the village hunting out bargains from old bicycles to sewing machines, puzzles to old masters; well nice prints anyway.

The village association provided refreshments in the centre of the village and specially printed maps were available to show folk where the sales tables were in the village.

The cakes and drinks brought in around £80 to swell the CVA funds!

Well done to everyone who took part, especially the organisers and helpers!

Catcott jumble Trail 2022

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