CVA Safari Supper 10th June 2017– Open to individuals, couples or groups of four

Dear Neighbour

The Catcott Village Association (CVA) would like to invite you to join your Catcott neighbours and friends for our annual Safari Supper.

What is a Safari Supper?

It’s a moveable feast. It’s like a laid-back, non-competitive version of ‘Come Dine with Me.’ You provide one course of a meal in your home for up to 8 people and your neighbours provide the other two courses. The aim is to socialise with your neighbours in a relaxed environment. The event can only work if most (over 80% of) participants provide one course. Those who, for some reason, are unable to host a course are asked to donate £15 per person to a charity chosen by the CVA.

What do you provide?

A single course and drinks for eight people, including yourself. You can make it as simple or as complex as you would like. It can be a shop-bought ready meal if you so wish – there is no scoring. The aim is to have a relaxed and friendly meal with like-minded people, and hopefully get to know some other neighbours whilst you are at it! We only ask that you keep to the timings when moving between courses. You can state a preference about which course you would like to provide, and we will try to fit in with this, but we cannot guarantee it – it won’t work unless we have an even number providing each course.

How is it organized?

By Saturday 27th May you will have confirmed that you wish to take part, by replying to the invitation that you have received via e-mail or filling in the entry form below …

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By Saturday 3rd June (one week before the event) you will have been informed about which course we would like you to prepare. You will be told if any of your guests for the one course that you are hosting have any dietary requirements, together with an explanation of how you can accommodate this.

On the day (10th June) you will receive word about where to go for your first course. At the end of the course your host will reveal where all present are to go for the next course.

Here is an example of what your evening might look like

5.30 pm –for those who would like to do so, please join us for a glass of fizz/ non-alcoholic drink and nibbles at Littlewoods Farm to meet everyone before the evening starts. Otherwise, your evening will start at 7 pm with your first course.

7.00 pm – You host the starter for 8 people e.g. pate and toast and drinks. 6 Catcott residents come to you. At the end of the course you open a sealed envelope which tells everyone where to go for the main course. The host collects the £15 from anyone present who isn’t hosting.

8.00 pm – You (and your partner/group of 4, if you wish) go to a neighbour’s house for a main course e.g. Lasagne. At the end of the course your host opens a sealed envelope revealing where everyone is to go for the dessert course.

9.15 pm – You go to a neighbour’s house for dessert e.g. fruit salad or chocolate gateaux.

If you are single or a pair and would like to be paired up with another couple for the evening we can do so – especially if it is your first time.

This is always a popular event. We hope that you will join us for the evening.

Safari Supper 2017

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